66th Dies Natalis - overview

From the 27th of November until the 1st of December we will celebrate the 66th Dies Natalis of Thor! We've become 66 years old and that's quite an achievement. To celebrate this, we will have a week full of activities. These activities are all connected to a theme: 'High Rollers'! Here is an overview of all the activities:

Full week

Dies Geocaching:
Search your way to succes with this week-long geocaching activity!

Blackjack lottery:
During the entire week, you can participate in a blackjack lottery by purchasing a beer from Het Nest from draft: may the odds be in your favourite.


Pie reception:
Guess what! To open the week we will have a bunch a pies for you to enjoy and fill your stomach.

Release the inner singer in you and join the special Dies Cantus. If you're lucky, you might be left unpunished.


Game-State outing:
Have you ever thought, how was gaming 66 years ago? Well now you can find out at the Game-State arcade in Eindhoven!

Beer tasting:
After having had the cantus on monday, you might want to enjoy some craft beers aswell. We will organize a beer tasting for you beerlovers!


Of course we will also organize a fun excursion to Tata Steel.

Casino evening:
Feeling lucky? Go bet some stripes on this Casino evening, organized by the ACCI. (This event is only for true High Ballers!)


On Thursday night, you can old-fashioned spin the wheel in Het Walhalla instead of on stratum.


Catch up with some of your favourite Oude Bokken during the Oude-Bokken drink Friday evening.

Dies dinner:
To close off the Dies properly, join the fancy dinner with unlimited free drinks!

Everywhere and nowhere!
Monday 27-11-2023 - Friday 01-12-2023
09:00 - 23:30