What is your favourite ride at the Efteling?
Monday 28-11-2022 16:30
Did you already fill in the course evaluations?
Sunday 13-11-2022 16:36
How are your exams going?
Thursday 03-11-2022 08:58
What would be a good topic for a discussion hour?
Wednesday 26-10-2022 14:43
Which lustrum activity are you most excited for?
Thursday 20-10-2022 19:17
Are you excited for the new Board?
Wednesday 05-10-2022 09:35
What are you most excited for during How to Uni?
Wednesday 28-09-2022 12:59
Which tea flavour do you like the most?
Friday 23-09-2022 15:38
How many bitterballen are you going to eat at the after intro party?
Tuesday 13-09-2022 09:36
Are you coming to the ThEW?
Thursday 08-09-2022 10:24
What are you going to do during the summer holiday?
Wednesday 20-07-2022 12:23
Which game are you going to play on the TesLAN?
Monday 04-07-2022 15:02
What is your favourite 'tosti'?
Monday 13-06-2022 15:06
What company are you most interested in to talk to at the career day?
Monday 16-05-2022 14:18
What activity are you looking forward to the most?
Sunday 08-05-2022 17:59
What is your favorite Efteling attraction?
Monday 11-04-2022 14:11
How are you going to congratulate Waldur with their 50th birthday?
Monday 28-03-2022 13:50
Which train station are you most looking forward to visiting during traingames?
Monday 21-03-2022 15:59
What company do you want to talk to during the Career Expo
Monday 14-03-2022 14:12
What DIES activity are you most looking forward to?
Tuesday 08-03-2022 09:45
What will you be doing this Carnaval?
Tuesday 22-02-2022 11:14