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Sioux offers you challenging, dynamic and varied work. As a talent in mechatronics, software, mathematics, automotive or electronics, you will contribute to the development and construction of complex products, often on the verge of what is technologically possible. At Sioux, you will work on a project for a big multinational in the region or for a promising start-up tackling the next breakthrough technology.
Together for the best results
The best results are achieved by teams that work together optimally. That is why you work at Sioux with super smart and motivated colleagues. We want to devise that genius solutions together.
You can either thoroughly broaden your expertise, or you can be involved in all phases of a project, from the design to the construction of the final product. Today you will work with colleagues in your own field, tomorrow you may work in multidisciplinary teams. You will work alternately at the location of the client or in one of our own Development Centers.
Challenging high-tech projects
Working at Sioux, means working together with a team of driven, smart and fun colleagues on high-tech solutions that make a difference. As a talent in software, mechatronics, mathematics, automotive or electronics, you will contribute to the development and construction of complex products, often on the verge of what is technologically possible. At Sioux, you will work on a project for a big multinational in the region or for a promising start-up tackling the next breakthrough technology.
Working on your development
Our employees are our strength. Based on that belief, we find it very important to guide you optimally in your development. At Sioux we will keep you focused; we will constantly challenge you to learn and take the next steps. Therefore, we work with a generous personal development budget to keep your technological knowledge up-to-date and work on your personal skills. Your current competencies and ambitions will determine the direction of your future career path and the level achieved.
Creating meaningful innovations together
Sioux wants to contribute to a safe, healthy, smart, more pleasant and sustainable world through technological innovation. We aim for growth for our employees, our company and our customers. We create success and add value by learning, sharing, interacting, having fun and working on innovative solutions based on transparency and trust. Ask our employees at our Seats to Meet events what they think about working at Sioux.
Why Sioux?
  • You are working on innovative assignments for reputable clients
  • The projects are challenging, dynamic and varied
  • You work together with smart and motivated colleagues
  • Shape your own growth with your personal development budget
  • You are contributing to a safe, healthy, enjoyable and sustainable society
Seats to meet
We offer plenty of space and opportunities for you to develop, and we would love for you to come and experience this! That is why we frequently organise Seats to meet events, which allow you to get to know us with no strings attached. During our Seats to meet event, you are our main focus – just let us know what we can do for you! We will provide you with more information regarding our company, our challenging and exciting projects, and the growth opportunities we would be able to offer you.
For an up-to-date overview of our internship/graduation assignments and vacancies, please go to our website: If we are not currently offering an option that suits you, please feel free to send a speculative application to



A livable, accessible, and sustainable Netherlands: the question is not if we will get there, but rather how we will get there. That is the puzzle that we work on solving every day. Working at Movares means actively contributing to the solution of this complex puzzle while directly making an impact through working on some of the Netherlands' most complex infrastructural projects!
Every day, our 900 committed colleagues work towards realizing a livable, accessible, and sustainable Netherlands. We do this by providing our clients with knowledgeable advice and designs in six different fields; infrastructure, mobility, digital transformation, energy transition, circular construction, and climate adaptation. 
At Movares, you will never work alone but always together with both your team and the client. No matter if it’s a large or small client, together, we make it work! Examples of clients are Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail, provinces, municipalities, water boards, and network operators. 
Because we always want to be innovative, we put great value into the learning and development of our employees. Next to freely accessible online study courses, we offer all juniors to join our Young Talent Program. This program allows you to develop your professional skills and competencies over a period of 1,5 years. This way, you will continue to develop yourself professionally while constantly being challenged.
If you are always looking for opportunities and want to be innovative, you will fit right in at Movares!

Bilfinger Tebodin

Cutting-edge consultancy and engineering
Your ambition is our starting point, your strategic objective our driving force. Bilfinger Tebodin has the knowledge of your markets and your ambitions. We have a clear vision on current developments. We are dedicated to deliver every project – from start to finish- on time, meeting quality requirements and within budget. Flexible, solid and safe. That’s how we make ideas work.

We are your independent partner on every level. Teaming-up with clients and driving innovation with integrated world-class consultancy and engineering solutions, combined with professional project- and construction management.  We can call on the experience, expertise and the passion for technology of 1,350 professional consultants and engineers.

Best integrated solutions
As member of the Bilfinger Group we are part of a strong global network, offering expanded expertise in many areas. Our close cooperation within this network gives us the opportunity to proactively anticipate on clients’ demands with the best integrated solutions. Our extensive network allows us to bring clients the best solutions and practical expertise in a broad range of services.

Wherever you are located, we deliver excellence. We team-up with clients and drive innovation with integrated consultancy and world-class engineering solutions, combined with professional project- and construction management. Our clients enjoy the convenience of a local partner, with local know-how and a broad outlook.

We offer industry a digital future
We offer clients the very latest in digital technology to design both new facilities and change existing plants. With BIM our engineers are able to design complete process and industrial plants digitally from concept to construction with innovative solutions to industrial design challenges. Another digital tool, developed by Bilfinger Tebodin, is ‘Industrial 360°’, an innovative scanning system capturing industrial sites in a photorealistic way. Read more here.

Tata Steel

Tata Steel Netherlands is without doubt one of the most challenging industrial employers in Europe. A leading and sustainable steel company that everyone is proud of, that is our ambition. That's why Tata Steel has embarked on the biggest turnaround since its existence; we are going to make steel based on hydrogen. Together with 9,000 colleagues, we continuously work on improvement. Every year we invest many hundreds of millions of euros in the sustainability and innovation of processes and products with a high added value. In doing so, we improve our efficiency and reduce our costs. We also want to make responsible steel, which is only possible with a healthy balance between the interests of people, the environment, the environment and the company.
To make our ambition a success, we need talents in technology, IT, production and logistics. Go-getters like you who now have the guts to choose Tata Steel. In addition, our production must continue to run and we want to continue to supply high-quality steel. That is why we are looking for interns, graduates and young professionals who want to take on the challenge with us. Will you work with us to create the future? 


 There are few companies in the world of technology which stand out. As a matter of fact, Prodrive Technologies is one of them. Our mission is to create meaningful technologies that make the world work. We support the organization to pursue this mission by providing our employees all over the world with outstanding working facilities. Prodrive Technologies’ headquarters is located near Eindhoven (The Netherlands), and in addition we have regional headquarters in Boston (USA), and Suzhou (China).

At Prodrive Technologies we are continuously extending our R&D capabilities by building on our technology portfolio that delivers world-class applications. These applications are categorized by our technology programs, which are: Embedded Computing Systems, Power Conversion, Motion and Mechatronics, Vision and Sensing, Industrial Automation, and Contract Manufacturing Services.

We support these technology programs by embodying the complete process from idea to concept to series production. Within our highly equipped laboratory we enable our engineers to invent and develop new technologies. Accordingly, we have a wide range of manufacturing competences that enables us to realize these inventions into series production.

Due to our young team of engineers and technicians with an average age of 28 and our drive towards quality and continuous improvement, our organization is able to guarantee continuity and commitment to our customers as well as to our employees.

If you are interested in Internships, Graduation Projects, or job opportunities, please check out our Careers page on our website: Careers | Prodrive Technologies (

deerns logo


Deerns is als on­af­han­ke­lijk in­ge­ni­eurs­bu­reau ge­spe­ci­a­li­seerd in ad­vies, ont­werp en uit­voe­rings­be­ge­lei­ding op het vlak van in­stal­la­tie­tech­niek, bouw­fy­si­ca, ener­gie­voor­zie­ning en duur­zaam­heid. On­ze ex­per­ti­ses dra­gen bij aan duur­za­me, in­tel­li­gen­te en toe­komst­be­sten­di­ge ge­bou­wen die doen waar­voor ze be­doeld zijn.
 On­ze ex­perts ken­nen de uit­da­gin­gen waar on­ze op­dracht­ge­vers mee te ma­ken heb­ben. In de mark­ten waar­in we ac­tief zijn, met na­me clean tech­no­lo­gy, da­ta­cen­ters, ge­zond­heids­zorg, lucht­ha­vens en vast­goed, we­ten we wat er speelt én wat er no­dig is om tot een suc­ces­vol­le op­los­sing te ko­men. We zijn in staat snel tot een pas­send ad­vies en ont­werp te ko­men, kun­nen bouw­be­ge­lei­ding van in­stal­la­ties ver­zor­gen en le­ve­ren na­zorg. Zo­dat er uit­ein­de­lijk ge­bou­wen ont­staan die wer­ken voor men­sen.
 Wat betekend werken bij Deerns?
·         Deerns is altijd opzoek naar ambitieuze stagiaires en starters op onze verschillende vestigingen verspreid over Nederland
·         Bij Deerns krijg je de mogelijkheid om zelf je carrière pad uit te stippelen. Eigen initiatief is zeer welkom en je krijgt alle ruimte om dingen te verbeteren. Je bent grotendeels vrij om te werken op jouw manier.
·         Je levert dagelijks een positieve bijdrage aan de gebouwde omgeving. Dat doen we vanuit onze kernwaarden: deskundigheid, ondernemerschap, reputatiegerichtheid, integriteit en samenwerking.
·         Naast uitstekende arbeidsvoorwaarden vinden we het belangrijk dat iedereen gebruik kan maken van benefits die aansluiten bij onze kernwaarden.
·         Aandacht voor jouw eigen ontwikkeling en vitaliteit met ruime opleidings- en ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden, fiets- & sportregelingen, flexibele werkuren, 32 vakantiedagen en mogelijkheid tot aankopen van extra dagen. 
Onze missie:
Het is onze missie om samen te werken aan een positieve bijdrage aan de gebouwde omgeving, altijd rekening houdend met de wensen van gebruikers en de toekomstbestendigheid van gebouwen. Zo laten we gebouwen werken voor mensen.

ICT group

CT Group is at the forefront of industrial automation and digital transformation and has been proving its expertise for over more than 45 years in numerous industries. Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, Data Intelligence, Integration of IT & OT systems are for ICT Group the drivers of what ICT also stands for:  Intelligence Connected Together. We deliver proven technological solutions and are in a unique position to help our clients make their business processes more efficient, flexible, simpler, safer and - as a result - more sustainable.

Together with more than 2,100 dedicated technical professionals, ICT Group is ready to make the world a little smarter every day. 

We operate in various countries and focus on various fields. These include automotive, high-tech, machine and equipment construction and industrial automation. We also play a major role in the world of rail and road traffic and port and distribution logistics. In short, we are visible in many different markets!

As ICT Group, we also develop software products in-house, such as a cloud-based software platform for the supply chain, IoT, digital transformation, AI and our own software for Mobility as a Service. With the Motar low-code platform, we facilitate fast and flexible model-based development with higher speed and lower costs.

Develop yourself at ICT Group

Not only on a technological level can you develop at ICT Group, but also on a mental, physical and social level. Thanks to our own ICT Academy, you can continuously broaden and deepen your skills. The ICT Academy offers more than 50 technical and personal training courses, e-learnings and self-studies.

Your internship and ICT Group

Would you like to do your bachelor internship or master thesis within technical or industrial automation? ICT Group might be the right place for you. Every year ICT Group offers a large group of students the opportunity to complete their studies with a high-quality technical assignment. Whether you are interested in embedded technology, AI, Machine Learning or IoT? There is bound to be a great assignment for you and perhaps a great job after graduation.

Contact for the possibilities or check out our website.