Het Tappersgilde is the group of awesome people who make sure that Het Walhalla can open every weekday. Without them, you would not be able to enjoy a nice cold drink in the best bar in Eindhoven. Each day in Het Walhalla has its own team of Tappers who give that day its own personality. Come by for a drink and find out which day is your favourite! (Which would of course be all of them!)

Stefan Molenschot
Arwin Verhoeven
Meeuwis van den Hoek
Marrit Jen Hong Li
Ward de Groot
Niek Brekelmans
David van Son
Ronald Janssen
Roel Wijnands
Noud Jacobs
Joost Visser
Mike Zanderink
Jasper Beerentemfel
Nick Verstegen
Lucia Kalkman
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