Het Tappersgilde is the group of awesome people who make sure that Het Walhalla can open every weekday. Without them, you would not be able to enjoy a nice cold drink in the best bar in Eindhoven. Each day in Het Walhalla has its own team of Tappers who give that day its own personality. Come by for a drink and find out which day is your favourite! (Which would of course be all of them!)

Stefan Molenschot
Arwin Verhoeven
Meeuwis van den Hoek
Marrit Jen Hong Li
Ward de Groot
Niek Brekelmans
David van Son
Ronald Janssen
Roel Wijnands
Noud Jacobs
Joost Visser
Mike Zanderink
Jasper Beerentemfel
Nick Verstegen

Walhalla Drinks July 26-30

Since the 5th of June, new relaxations in the covid regulations have opened the possibility of inside drinks! Meaning we can final sit inside our belofed Walhalla again, or enjoy the weather on the terrace.

In order not to overflow the site with all of the subscription lists, you can follow the links below to claim a spot for the drinks you want to attend.
Another small disclaimer about seating, on days where the maximal number of seats says 69, this could possibly be extended to 87 if the back-up list is full enough.

Important information and FAQ:
- A place on the lists means you have a place in case Het Walhalla actually opens. As soon as we know that for sure we will update that on this page as well. 
- Our current opening times are 16:30 - 19.00
- Drinks are open for everyone
- Check the linked pages for additional rules regarding covid

Monday: Open
Tuesday: Open
Wednesday: Open
: Open
Friday: Open
 Op Het Walhalla!

Het Walhalla
Monday 26-07-2021 - Friday 30-07-2021
12:00 - 21:00