Dies Blackjack lottery

This dies, there will be a special offer in Het Walhalla for every draft beer of Het Nest purchased! Specifically, you will win a lot in the lottery, and if you have the right numbers (closest to 21), you will win the coolest prizes! 

Those prizes are as following:
- number 17: 1 bottle of SchuppenBoer Whisky Barrel Aged 
- number 18, 19 or 20: 1 large Schuppenboer bottle (75cl)
- number 21: 1 bottle of SchuppenBoer Gin (70cl)

This is even more reason to join all of the cool Walhalla activities this week and meanwhile place your bets on the nice beers of Het Nest.

Het Walhalla
Monday 27-11-2023 - Friday 01-12-2023
16:30 - 19:00