DIES Geocaching

Are there activities in the DIES week that you just can’t participate in?🤩 Do you wish there were even more activities throughout the week?🤔💭 Well fear no more! Now you can participate in the DIES Geocaching🧭🗺 all-week event! Receive hints & clues and complete the hunt for all the hidden caches with new caches placed daily in and around Flux. Maybe you need a break between betting on horses🏇🏇🏇 at the Wednesday casino🎰, or complete some exercise before the Monday cantus🍻 by roaming around Flux. Finding more caches will allow you to celebrate even more at the Thursday DIES party🎲🎲 where top competitors will receive amazing prizes!🎁

The rules are as follows:
- Everyday 5 new caches will be hidden
   o 3 will be inside of Flux
   o 1 social themed cache, which will only be available for 1 day
   o 1 will be outside close to Flux, this one will double your points for the day it has been placed on
       So the multiplier placed on Tuesday, will only double the points for Tuesday's caches, even if you find it on wednesday
- The caches from the days before will lose value per day
   o The day of placement the cache will be worth 8 points
   o Every day this will half, so the next day it will be worth 4 points, then 2 and the last day 1 point. 
- The hints for the new locations will be posted around 10.00 in the groupchat linked below
- When you find a cache, instructions on what you need to do are on the cache.
- A leaderboard will be available on floor 6, everyday it will updated. 
- The award ceremony will be held on Thursday, during Walhalla time. Make sure to be there!!
- Top competitors will be rewarded with amazing treasures.  

Please leave the cache at the exact location where you found it. When we notice suspicious behaviour from you, our fraud team will be on standby and hide underneath you bed.

Link for the announcement groupchat:

Monday 27-11-2023 - Thursday 30-11-2023
10:00 - 16:30