Walhalla Drinks July 26-30

Since the 5th of June, new relaxations in the covid regulations have opened the possibility of inside drinks! Meaning we can final sit inside our belofed Walhalla again, or enjoy the weather on the terrace.

In order not to overflow the site with all of the subscription lists, you can follow the links below to claim a spot for the drinks you want to attend.
Another small disclaimer about seating, on days where the maximal number of seats says 69, this could possibly be extended to 87 if the back-up list is full enough.

Important information and FAQ:
- A place on the lists means you have a place in case Het Walhalla actually opens. As soon as we know that for sure we will update that on this page as well. 
- Our current opening times are 16:30 - 19.00
- Drinks are open for everyone
- Check the linked pages for additional rules regarding covid

Monday: Open
Tuesday: Open
Wednesday: Open
: Open
Friday: Open
 Op Het Walhalla!

Het Walhalla
Monday 26-07-2021 - Friday 30-07-2021
12:00 - 21:00

Bachelor Introduction week

The bachelor introduction is a week full of useful, fun activities to get to know everything that you need to know about the life as a student. You will get to know us as your study association, the department and it's building, the campus and all the associations in and around the campus.

If you are an upcoming first-year student, do not hesitate and join this amazing week. You can find more information by going to If you are already interested in Thor and have questions for us, you can send an e-mail to, and we will answer your questions!

TU/e campus
Monday 23-08-2021 - Friday 27-08-2021
12:00 - 12:00

Master Kick-off

The Master Kick-off is nearing! This year Thor will have a bigger presence in this introduction week in the form of fun activities, a barbecue and a pubquiz. This year we are working together with the CIC to make the week more attractive for those of you who have already been walking around the campus for the length of a bachelor.  Stay tuned for more information

TU/e campus
Monday 30-08-2021 - Thursday 02-09-2021
12:00 - 12:00


Are you also bummed that the ThEW was cancelled this year? But do you still want to experience how it is to have a proper ThEW like al first year students can have. And do you still want to meet fellow students from your year who you have barely seen due to the Corona virus situation? But most importantly, do you just want to have a nice weekend off after 1.5 years of sitting at home? Then join the TWeeT (TweedejaarsWeekend Thor)!

With the TWeeT we give you as (then) second year students another opportunity to have a ThEW, with fun activities, lots of beer or non-alcoholic beverages, chilling with friends and just enjoying a nice weekend. According to ThEW tradition, we will not tell you the activities you will do, but we can assure you it is going to be an amazing weekend!

The TWeeT will be from Friday the 3rd of September until Sunday the 5th of September, which is the last weekend before the new academic year starts. So you don’t have to stress about your courses, and have a nice weekend of before studying starts again!

We expect the price to be 35 euros, however this is subject to change still. If it will be more expensive, we will notify you about the change and there is a possibility to unsubscribe if you find it too expensive then.

So tell all your friends to join as well, cancel everything that you have that weekend and join the TWeeT. 

Disclaimer: only current first year students are allowed to subscribe for this weekend. Any other subscriptions will be deleted.

Gather in front of Flux
Friday 03-09-2021 - Sunday 05-09-2021
17:00 - 17:00