Lab equipment auction

Do you want to make DIY projects with equipment that has been used in the labs of Flux and Potentiaal? Then this is the chance for you! The study tour committee is auctioning old lab equipment from the department on the 25th of October. Most of the lab equipment still works just fine and is being retired (just because it is old). Some of the apparatuses have some minor flaws, such as a missing cap of a (still pressable) button or a 0.1A offset. A few also have some bigger defects, but that means there is a nice chance for a DIY-hare to fix it! 

The apparatuses include:
  • Tektronix - 2205 20 MHz oscilloscope
  • Tektronix - 2225 50 MHz oscilloscope
  • Tektronix - TDS 210 oscilloscope
  • Tektronix - CDM250 digital multimeter
  • Fluke - 8000A digital multimeter
  • Fluke - 8010A digital multimeter
  • Fluke - 8012A digital multimeter
  • Delta elektronica - Power supply E030-1
  • Delta elektronica - Dual power supply E018-0.6D
  • Voltcraft - MGX-9180A function generator

Het Walhalla
Monday 25-10-2021
16:30 - 19:00

Navingo Career Event

The Navingo Career Event 2021 is coming! Be part of this amazing event filled with job vacancies, networking and get to meet the biggest players in the Maritime, Offshore and Energy industries.

The Energy Transition

The energy transition is happening right now! Don’t you want to be part of that? Get inspired by the attending companies. Experience all the latest innovations and find your dream job.

This years edition might just be the most special edition so far. This year Navingo Career Event and Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference share the exhibition floor. Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is Europe’s leading event for the entire offshore energy industry.


Companies in the Maritime, Offshore and Energy industries are looking for you! During our event, you are able to visit the stands of many different companies, watch their showcases and speak to employees. Get to know the companies before you even work there.

Navingo Career Event is two days filled with networking and getting to know your future employer. Get inspired on the exhibition floor and find a job that suits you!

Great news! If you are a student or job seeker, you can attend the event for free! Invite 3 friends to the event and you can register yourself for a free ticket. Register now!

How to register:
- Go to 
- Choose "Event Visitor" and guest type "Student" and fill in your details
- Choose in the step "Visit type" for the option "Event access - physical €17,50"
- At the end of this step, fill in the discount code: THOR2021
- Complete all the next steps and enjoy your free access in your email!

The event will take place on 26 & 27 October in RAI Amsterdam. 

RAI Amsterdam
Tuesday 26-10-2021 - Wednesday 27-10-2021
09:00 - 18:00

FoodCo Halloween Trick & Eat

Trick or treat! With the days growing shorter, it’s the perfect time to come celebrate Halloween with us at Het Walhalla and watch it get overrun by pumpkins! Throughout the night we will serve you 6 terrifyingly delicious appetizers. From caramel apples to truly deviled eggs and more! On top of that, Het Walhalla will offer you a variety of bloodcurdling cocktails!

For only €2,50 you can participate and receive your 6 snacks, drinks not included.
So sign up, if you dare!

There are 30 spots available. The deadline for signing up is 22-10-2021.

Het Walhalla
Tuesday 26-10-2021

ACCI Pumpkin carving

Are you feeling stressed for the upcoming exams? Can't focus because you have too much creative energy? Or are you just a massive Halloween fan? Then the ACCI pumpkin carving activity is perfect for you! Designing and producing your own personal jack-o-lantern is both the perfect creative outlet and a fun distraction from any academic responsibilities. There is a maximum of 30 participants, so be sure to apply early if you want to make sure you get in!

Het Walhalla
Tuesday 26-10-2021

257th GMM

On Thursday the 28th of October,  the 257th  General Members Meeting of e.t.s.v. Thor will commence. I would like to invite you on behalf of the 65th Board. The GMM will take place in the colloquium on floor 6, will start at 12:40 o’clock, and will be suspended no later than 14:00 o’clock.
The Board suggests the following agenda:
1.      Opening
2.      Determining agenda
3.      Mail in/out
4.      Announcements
5.      Memorandum
6.      Budget Dies
7.      Any other business
8.      Invitation of questions
9.      Closing

Colloquium floor 6
Thursday 28-10-2021
12:40 - 14:00
Generation 15/16

Generation 15/16 could have graduated drink

It is already more than 6 years ago when generation 2015/2016 started their studies in Electrical Engineering or Automotive Technology. Everyone tried to make the best out of their student life, but do you know what your fellow students did? Did they already graduate or are they still enjoying student life? To have a nice chat with your fellow students, we present: 'Generation 2015/2016 could have graduated drink' on the 12th of November in Het Walhalla! We would love to see you there and enjoy a beer together.

Het Walhalla
Friday 12-11-2021
16:00 - 19:00
Ivaldi 17/18

Ivaldi 17/18 drink

Save the date! 18 November! 18 November!
4 years ago Ivaldi 17/18 was founded, this must be celebrated with a drink! 
We would like to request all members of Ivaldi 17/18 to wear their polo to the drink. No waterslide or anything special is organized, if you want such thing go and ask current Ivaldi :)
P.S Coen, did you finish your final invoice?

Het Walhalla
Thursday 18-11-2021
16:30 - 19:00

TesLAN 2021

The LANCo is proud to present that the TesLAN has returned for nothing less than a lustrum edition! The biggest student LAN party of Europe will come back, better than ever, on the 28th, 29th, and the 30th of December! Filled to the brim with exciting competitions, gezelligheid and ofcourse many bitterballs, you are sure to have a blast at this wonderful event. Connect your computer to the 10G network, gather with your friends and enjoy 48 hours of pure joy! As long as the earlybird sale lasts, tickets are a whopping €16.00 for Thor members and €23.50 otherwise. Make sure to not miss out on this amazing event!!! Tickets are available for purchase at

Student Sport Centre
Tuesday 28-12-2021 - Thursday 30-12-2021
12:00 - 12:00