Dies Excursion Tata Steel

The excursion of this dies will go to Tata Steel. Tata Steel is an Indian multinational steel-making company.

Tata steel serves many markets worldwide, including Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Defence & Security, Energy & Power, Lifting & Excavating and Packaging. 30% of Tata Steel UK’s sales revenue comes from the construction sector and their Tubes business is a leading supplier of hot finished and cold formed steel tubular products.

Balancing economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and social benefit, Tata Steel Europe aims to address larger global challenges through its advanced steel products and efficient production processes. They also want to make responsible steel, which is only possible with a healthy balance between the interests of people, the environment, the environment and the company. 

We are given a tour of the entire facility, and after that, we can observe how the blast furnaces operate. They might even show us how they intend to produce green steel!

The subscriptionlist will close Monday 27th of November.

Tata Steel IJmuiden
Wednesday 29-11-2023
08:00 - 17:00