258th GMM day 1

The link to the Teams can be found here.

Due to the new corona measures, we are forced to change the location of the 258th GMM to Microsoft Teams. The invitation will now read as follows:
On Monday the 20th of December,  the 258th General Members Meeting of e.t.s.v. Thor will commence. I would like to invite you on behalf of the 65th Board. The GMM will take place on MS Teams, start at 18:00, and will be suspended no later than 23:00. The link to the Teams can be found here. The GMM will continue on Tuesday the 21st of December at the same location. It will start at 18:00, and be suspended no later than 23:00. This GMM will be held fully in English.
We aim to address topics 1 to 11 on Monday and topics 12 to 20 on Tuesday.
The Board suggests the following agenda:

  1. Opening
  2. Determining agenda
  3. Mail in/out
  4. Announcements
    1. Dies dinner budget (Request to not let the Dies budget go through the GMM again if the dinner costs do not change, because of rescheduling of the Dies.)
  5. Memorandum
  6. Minutes 256th GMM
  7. Minutes 257th GMM
  8. Update privacy policy 
  9. Update investigation Walhalla finances (Investigation plan for the difference between purchases and revenue)
  10. Update Commissioners of External Affairs
  11. Policy 65th Board
  12. Budget Denryu (Study Tour to Japan)
  13. Financial result and discharge BuEx (Foreign excursion) 
  14. Financial result and discharge TWeeT (Second-year weekend) 
  15. Financial result and discharge TIC (Introduction week)
  16. Financial result and discharge BIT (Bonus Intro Thor)
  17. Update PestCo
  18. Any other business
  19. Invitation of questions
  20. Closing

MS Teams
Monday 20-12-2021
18:00 - 22:45