65th Board (2021-2022)

f.l.t.r. Koen Dijkstra, Britt Vermeulen, Esther Maas, Thor Abegg, Bas van Steenbergen, Isabel van Gog, Mart Philipsen. Photographer: Martyn van Dijke

Name Function
Mart Philipsen President
Isabel van Gog Secretary
Bas van Steenbergen Treasurer
Thor Abegg Vice President & Commissioner of External Affairs
Esther Maas Commissioner of Education
Britt Vermeulen Commissioner of Het Walhalla & Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Koen Dijkstra Commissioner of External Affairs

Committee Market

As you all know Thor offers a lot of activities to develop yourself both on an educational level and a career level. But next to this Thor offers a lot more option for personal development, like committees where you will learn soft skills by organising all types of fun activities. Thor has a whole range of committee's to offer. From making food in the FoodCo, to help organize our next Lustrum with the LuCo, filming and editing in the Tillit, to making our monthly magazine with the ToCo and organizing a ski trip with the SnowCo! This is only a small snippit of the committee's that Thor has to offer, so you can imagine that the possibilities are almost endless!

To inform you about all of these committee's, there will be a committee market, where current members of the committee's will be present to explain you what they do. Be sure to come and enravel all the amazing stuff you can do within our association. 

Colloquium 6
Wednesday 01-06-2022
12:00 - 14:00