65th Board (2021-2022)

Name Function
Mart Philipsen President
Isabel van Gog Secretary
Bas van Steenbergen Treasurer
Thor Abegg Vice President & Commissioner of External Affairs
Esther Maas Commissioner of Education
Britt Vermeulen Commissioner of Het Walhalla & Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Koen Dijkstra Commissioner of External Affairs


‘Oh kom er eens kijken’, the Goedheiligman is back in our country and that calls for celebration! SinThorklaas will bring a visit to our lovely Walhalla on December 2th. Here he will spoil all of the good students with presents and delicious treats. Don’t miss your chance to sit on the Sint’s lap!

Het Walhalla
Thursday 02-12-2021
16:30 - 19:00