Thor intro party

The Tuesday of the introduction week, we will organize a party on the TU/e campus. Together with (former) Thor members, introkiddos and parents!

Wear some Thor committee clothing or merch and show the kiddos how cool Thor is! The DisCo and the Thor band Watt?! will provide music for the entire night. You do not have to worry about getting hungry. Besides drinks, we will also be selling hamburgers for only €1.50!

Payment for food/drinks is possible at the party both through Tactile and by PIN. Make sure you enroll beforehand and have your QR code available. Clothing and items of associations other than Thor is not allowed.

We also need volunteers to be able to host the party. You can enroll as volunteer here.

Koeveld (in front of Auditorium)
Tuesday 20-08-2024
20:00 - 23:59