Intro wednesday Party

The third day of the intro the 'word lid!' party will be organised, by compositum and some essf associations.  All students are able to join this party as guests!  Keep in mind that there is limited capacity as there are only 1500 guest bands available, so be on time! During this party you are not allowed to wear clothing with a Thor logo on it, due to the Gentleman’s Agreement.

To join this party, you need to have a tactile guest wristband. These bands have a NFC chip to be able to join the party and pay for drinks there. A guest band for the Introduction costs €1,50 and can be used for all parties and activities open to guests during the week. Attached to this page is a document which has an explanation about how to get a guest band. 

Flux field
Wednesday 24-08-2022 - Thursday 25-08-2022
20:00 - 00:00