Constitution drink ODIN

It is an honour to announce that the 38th Board of Master Association ODIN has been constituted on the 28th of September as follows:

Jasper Beerentemfel - Chairman
Lucia Kalkman -  Secretary
Jurgen Kok - Treasurer
David Blom - Vice-Chairman & Commissioner of External Affairs
We want to invite you to our constitution drink on Monday the 6th of February to celebrate. The drink will be in Het Walhalla. The drink will start at 16:30, and you can congratulate the Board until 19:00.  

Be aware that loose items such as coats or bags are not permitted in Het Walhalla. Therefore, we ask that you either not bring them or leave them in a locker.

Het Walhalla
Monday 06-02-2023
16:30 - 19:00