ACCI Weekend

Woop Woop!
The time is right, the birds are chirping, and the sun is out!
ACCI weekend is back! It will be on the 13th 14th and 15th of may.
I wont say what we are going to do, but bring your soldering iron!
Before coming Thursday a list of required items will be sent out.
The weekend fee is 40 euros.
~ The ACCI Weekend team

What to take with you:
·        Bike
·        Flashlight
·        Bed sheet
·        Pillow
·        Sleeping bag
·        Old clothes
·        Old shoes
·        Sweater
·        A bit neat clothes for the excursion
·        Rain coat
·        Sportswear
·        Swimming clothes
·        Towels
·        Toiletries 
·        Medicines
·        Underwear
·        Socks
·        Allowance 
·        ID/Passport
·        Chargers

What not to bring:
·        Your own booze, in case you take it with you the organization will take it and give it back to you at the end of the weekend.
·        Axes
·        A bad mood
·        Elephant

The deadline for subscribing/unsubscribing is this Wednesday 11/05 at 23:59.

Start at Het Walhalla
Friday 13-05-2022 - Sunday 15-05-2022
18:00 - 16:00