ACCI is a group who want to organize fun activities next to their studies. They organize various activities, catered to a wide range of people, from a pubquiz to fun weekends away with members of Thor. Everyone has the opportunity to join these activities and have some fun with fellow Thor members next to studying. The activities are conceived by ACCI members themselves and they can choose almost anything they want, creativity is encouraged here! 

In short: ACCI organizes activities for every Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology student to have some relaxation from studying.

Andrei Ion
Max Schraven
Luka Nielsen
Martin Rydlo
Michalis Spyrou
Delia Rosu
Joris Scheublin
Maki Vrasdonk
David van Warmerdam
Lars Wouters
Mathieu Monnot
Simon Wessel
Nikola Petrov
Javier Basterreche
Luka Tepavcevic
Paul Kasten
Paul Le
Gergely Fodor

Train games intrest list

Are you up for conquering the Netherlands? We've got the perfect event for you!

On the 29th of March the Traingames are making a comeback! In this event, teams will compete to conquer as many stations across the Netherlands as they can. To claim a station, be the first to complete challenges there. The team with the most conquered stations by the day's end takes the victory. There will be a small participation fee.

If you're interested in joining or if this caught your eye, please fill out this interest list below.
Note: Filling out this list doesn't mean you're committed to paying anything. It's just for the organizers to gauge interest in this activity! 😊

Thursday 29-02-2024

ACCI Pub Crawl Interest List

Would you like to be part of an incredible university pub crawl, and explore various bars of different study associations? Do you want to see if Het Walhalla is the coolest bar of them all? Subscribe now to the ACCI PUBCRAWL interest list!!!! The pub crawl will take place on the 29th of February (the funny day). The participation fee will most likely be around 7 euros. Please note that subscribing to this list does not automatically enroll you in the activity.

Thursday 29-02-2024

ACCI Weekend Interest List

The ACCI weekend is making a comeback!

Scheduled from May 9th to May 11th, this weekend kicks off on Thursday afternoon and concludes on Saturday afternoon. This list is for the organizers to secure enough sleeping spaces. The participation fee will be around 40 EUR, covering all meals, drinks, and a place to rest. It's important to note that subscribing to this list does not automatically register you for the activity.

Monday 04-03-2024

Open House Day Interest List

Do you want to show your friends, parents and/or other family members how hard it is to study electrical engineering and showcase your intelligence?
Then join the open house day organized by ACCI. 
It will take place on March 8th. On this day the participants will experience how it is to be an electrical engineering student. It will include a lecture, soldering workshop, a tour on the campus and a visit to the high voltage lab and the anechoic chamber in Flux
Make sure to join the interest list!
Note: This is just for the ACCI to gauge interest in this event, there will be an official subscription list in January.

Friday 08-03-2024