TU/e - TA 5G Educational Testbed Infrastructure

Job Summary
One of the main responsibilities of TU/e is to move expertise from research to education and prepare future engineers with relevant skills. 5G network infrastructure is now being deployed across various countries. Yet, many aspects of 5G are yet to appear. With this project, the student will contribute to the integration and deployment of a 5G system in EE, TU/e to be used for education purposes. The task involves software and hardware integration, namely open source 4G/5G software stack over low-spec software defined radios.

Job Tasks
The goal of the project is a 4G/5G Mobile Network educational platform configurable, expandable and testable. Any part of the software stack should provide an interface for students to parameterize, modify and test. To this end, recent open-source software (e.g. https://www.openairinterface.org/) provide the basis for such software stack running over off-the-shelf software defined radios. 

The main tasks of the students working on this project are:

-        Integration of OpenAir Interface over Lime SDR platforms, both for user equipment and e-NodeB sides.
-        Validation and detection of limits of software stack and SDRs.
-        Identification of configurable parts of the software stack.
-        Design and implementation of a software interface (e.g. API, web services etc) to allow easy parameterization / modification of the stack.
-        Definition of sample practice exercises for bachelor and master students.
-        Documentation and tutorials.

The intention is to be beneficial for students. Most of the knowledge listed below is required or the willing to learn a lot should be strong.

-        Basic knowledge on communications esp. L1 and L2 protocols
-        Basic knowledge on radio transmissions and signal processing.
-        C/C++ programming esp. networking and threading.
-        Python and web-services (good to have)


The project can immediately start and ends in June 2023. Multiple students will contribute to this project. Each student should work for a minimum of 1 working day per week. As a student assistant, EuFlex will take care of the compensation of the work. 

Are you interested, contact dr. George Exarchakos.