TU/e - Student-assistant Study+ Group

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Students may need extra support during their studies due to a disability, chronic illness or mental health issues. Extra support is also for students who are caregivers or have/are expecting a child. 

The TU/e has been improving her policy on studying with extra support since 2020. However, to make information about and guidance for studying with extra support more accessible to all students, we are looking for students who want to help us with this!

We are looking for student-assistants who will contribute to and supervise a community for 1 day a week (8 hours) that facilitates activities and student-to-student communication on studying with extra support. Your contributions consider organizing relevant activities, being the ears and eyes for students who need extra support during their studies and communicate this when needed to people who are responsible or can initiate a change (e.g. the student advisory committee). Moreover, a platform was build to enable students to ask each other for advice or share experiences. This platform has already been built by us, but has to be monitored. 

In addition, we are looking for students who want to join our advisory committee. We advise the university and come up with new plans to put studying with extra support on the map. We have meetings every 2 months.

To join or help us you don’t have to be a student with extra support!

Are you interested in contributing and supervising the platform and/or joining our advisory committee? Send an email to lighthouse@tue.nl