TU/e - Student assistant for electronically actuated soft matter

 We have a vacancy available for a student assistant with a background in EE, in the field of advanced materials for soft robotic applications at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands

Research background
Soft robotics is a relatively new subfield of robotics that deals with constructing robotic functions from compliant materials. Soft technologies and integrated soft systems can revolutionize the use of robotic devices, for instance in applications where elastic versatility and safe human/machine interactions are needed. It is predicted, and certainly has the potential, to lead to the development of radically new generations of machines. The examples are numerous. In the medical world, they will increasingly assist surgery, in-vivo therapeutic treatments or contribute to the rehabilitation of disabilities by exoskeletons. Soft robotic functions have the perspective to enhance the communication between man and machine or between machines mutually. We foresee that we can make materials that can feel, sense, behave and act as human skins, but with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy. They can be used as stand-alone and autonomous devices, but also be applied as coating or integrated with electronics or even with biological material to perform functions not accessible otherwise. And as a long-term perspective one can foresee the development of evolutionary self-developing soft robotics following nature’s approach to intelligent soft machines.

Projects description

You will be joining a multidisciplinary research group, where we develop responsive materials that address the advancing needs in man-machine communication, specialized medicine and miniaturized mechanics. More information can be found at www.danqingliu.nl.

A key aspect of our projects is to translate molecular effects to macroscopic phenomena which, in turn translate into (robotic) devices, and especially haptic applications. You will join a team where you will be responsible for developing electrical circuits to address material actuation!

We are looking for talented, motivated and student assistant who meet the following requirements:
  • Skills in electric engineering. 
  • Basic experience with programming is much appreciated.
  • Prior knowledge in soft matters, responsive materials and experience in microscopic techniques and device fabrication/ characterization are appreciated.
  • Ability to independently work within a dynamic team and multidisciplinary research environment.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.

Salary is based on the experience of the students. 

Information For more detailed information about this vacancy you can contact dr. Danqing Liu e-mail: d.liu1@tue.nl