TU/e - 5EPB0 - EM2 SLT Tutor

For the Electromagnetics II course (2023-2024, Q4) we are looking for tutors for the student-led tutorials. (If you have experienced them yourselves, you can skip to the next part 😊) During these student-led tutorials, students are asked to prepare a set of exercises. On Canvas, students are asked to tick the exercises which they have prepared or at least made a serious attempt on. During the SLT, students are then randomly selected to present their work.

Your task as TA is to be a moderator as it is a STUDENT-led tutorial. The students should be in charge and by discussions amongst the students, they should eventually all understand all exercises. You are there to guide and motivate the students in the right direction. It should therefore be important that you have also prepared the SLTs. These SLTs will take place every week on Tuesday morning.

As an EMII TA, you’ll be responsible for leading the practice hours for a small group of approximately 20-25 students.

The main tasks involve:

-        Follow a preliminary training about the novel approach that is to be implemented. This training is planned for Q1 and/or Q2.
-        Prepare and study a set of exercises that the students need to solve each week. For this purpose, a 1-hour preparation session will be planned every week to discuss the exercises with a PhD-TA. Additional preparation can be done at your own convenience.
-        Lead the practice hours according to the novel methodology. This task will take two (academic) hours per week in Q4.

The TA will be hired for a total of 40 hours, consisting of 2 weekly hours of SLT and 3 hours of preparation including some additional hours for a training and workshop before the start of the course. 

So, if you feel EMII should become more spot-on, or if you feel you’d like to help others go through this subject and enjoy it, or if you would like to contribute to the ever-increasing quality of education at our faculty, please send contact information and/or questions to: