[Solo] Intro parents 2021

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Like every year, there will be an introduction week for all the new students that are going to study at the TU/e next year. In order to give those new students (kiddos) the week of their lives, we are looking for students who will guide them through the week and show them how it is to study and live in Eindhoven. If you think you can show these kiddos our beautiful campus and city and guide them to their new world, please subscribe here to become an intro-parent!

This year, the lay-out of the Introduction Week is not yet determined due to the Corona-virus. However, it is certain that it will be a fun week, so we are starting our search for introduction parents as if it continues as usual. 

What is your job as a parent?
When you become an intro-parent, you’ll be assigned to a group of students that are going to study either Electrical Engineering or Automotive Technology next year. This group has a size of +- 8 new students plus you and your partner. It will be your job, together with your partner, to guide these new students through the introduction program. This involves for example:

·        Making sure the kiddos get to the activities;
·        Let the students get to know each other;
·        Let the students get to know Eindhoven;
·        Making sure the kiddos have a great week;
·        And more!

How do you become a parent?
Have you become super enthusiastic to be a parent for a group of new students? You can become a parent by filling in the form on this page. We will register your subscription and contact you for more information.

Important remarks:
·        We are only looking for Electrical Engineering or Automotive Technology students.
·        If you are a first-year student and we have too many parents then you’ll have a lower priority than 2nd year, 3rd year and master students. 
·        We might invite you to ask a few questions about your motivation.
·        A parent should be available for the whole week, often from very early in the morning to very late at night
·        You have to be available from the 23th to the 27th of august and also the weekend before the introduction week (21th and 22th of august). Otherwise you CANNOT be an intro-parent.

If you want to be an intro-parent together with someone, you can subscribe together with your partner on https://thor.edu/subscription-lists/intro-parents-2021.  

Wednesday 30-06-2021