The theme of this study tour is “China: from Silk Road to Silicon Valley”. Ancient China is well known for its great inventions. With breakthroughs like the compass and papermaking it was a great scientific nation. In the 20th Century China became well known for its cheap mass production and at this moment China is changing more and more to a country that develops high-tech products by itself. During the tour we will examine the results of these developments.
The aim of the study tour is to map the characteristic qualities that China shows with regard to the development of (electro)technical products. We will focus on the different phases that occur in the process from idea to final product. For this you can think of research, development, design, production and (after)sales. For all these steps we will discover how they are implemented in China, and what we can learn of this. In a larger point of view we will stimulate the participants to face challenges with a broader perspective.
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