The name VéVilDin is a combination of Vé, Vili, and Odin, who are the three brothers that in Norse mythology were responsible for creating the first two humans. After naming them they also provided the two with some clothes before setting them loose to roam the world. This committee is not responsible for the way our members identify themselves, but they are proudly responsible for the merch of the association. Their focus rests on creating fun or useful clothing and accessories that are associable with Thor. In their clothing range, they strive to supply comfortable and affordable items that have been adjusted with a recognizable but also trendy reference to the association. These items range from socks to hoodies and beanies to sweatpants with the occasional iron-on patch or other miscellaneous accessories. 

Daniel Joaquim Ho
Thomas van der Werff
Max van Berkel
Britt Vermeulen
Dylan Harmsen
Mike Zanderink