Every member of Thor receives the Connecthor in his/her mailbox every quarter, but putting it together takes quite some time. Every issue, the TOCo, in partnership with the department of Electrical Engineering, puts quite some effort in creating a good-looking magazine. Prior to every release, about three meetings are organised. During these meetings, subjects for articles are chosen and a responsible person is assigned to each article. The person responsible for a specific topic doesn't have to write the article all by himself. He just has to take care that an article is written. This often involves asking another committee's members or participants of activities to write something about a particular activity.

The members of the TOCo check every article that is handed in for spelling and grammar mistakes. After all articles are reviewed, the editor assembles them into a complete magazine.Don't be afraid, you don't have to he a spelling guru to join the Connecthor editors. There are several tasks that don't involve checking for grammatical- or spelling errors, such as maintaining contact with the printing business, picking photographs, keeping writers to deadlines and so on. In the end, a member of the TOCo spends about one hour every week on his tasks for the TOCo, plus a peak around every deadline.Do you think the TOCo can need your help? Then don't hesitate and drop by at the Thor board-room.

Jurgen Kok
Jos Willems
Britt Vermeulen
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