Every year, during the introduction week, there will be a “Tapauto” of Thor. The “Tapauto” is an ordinary car that will be converted into one of the most iconic things of the introduction week. 

The goal of the car is to serve all the participants of beer (and soda) and to show that Thor is the coolest study association. So, to make that possible, a complete tap installation (cooling, kegs, beer taps, CO2) has to be built into the car. That is not all of it; also the exterior of the car has to be taken care of. The car will be painted in beautiful colors and the logos of Thor and some sponsors will be painted on it. This all takes about a week, if you spend approximately 6 hours a day. Most of the time this is done by the Board, but it is also possible for a committee to do this.    

Bram Groenen
Koen Dijkstra
Menno Spitteler
Thor Abegg
Martijn Mol