Inactive Committees


The Bonus Intro Thor committee is in charge of organizing parts of the Intro+. This Intro+ is specifically organized for second years students who hadn't gotten the chance to have a normal introduction week in their year.


The CEB is a committee to support the Board. When the Board doesn't have a Commissioner of External Affairs, the tasks normally carried out by the commissioner are often transferred to this committee. The main goal of both the Commissioner and the committee is to maintain the current relations with companies and establish new ones. 


SkelThorCo is the committee that focuses on automotive activities. They are also building an electric skelter, which proves to be challenging. This committee is inactive at the moment.


The TetCo is the Tetris Committee. The TetCo has been tasked by e.t.s.v. Thor to repair and revise the Tetris matrix built during the first world record attempt. Under the leadership of the Tetris Committee a new design will be implemented and the existing hardware will be revised in such a way that a world record is feasible.The Tetris Committee is comprised of the following people.

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Committee that organizes a weekend for the second years that could not experience a ThEW due to the coronavirus