Garmr is the committee that is responsible for maintaining and connecting software within the association.

The Garmr developes and maintains most Thor websites. Currently, all software they have build is written using the Laravel PHP framework. The main exception is, which is maintained by the WebCo.

If you want to reach the Garmr, you can create a ticket.

The Garmr maintains the following websites:
  • Bifrost - Oauth2 login provider and role management
  • Finances - Cash register system with a public interface for management and online payments
  • Storage - System which helps administrate the storage in Neuron and Cascade
  • Het Walhalla - Website of Het Walhalla
  • Membership database
  • Ticketscan - Offsite failover system for scanning tickets during large events
  • Crazy 88
  • Het Walhalla VAT - System which is used to keep track of sale with different VAT percentages
  • WPtool - System which helps the treasurer of Het Walhalla with the financial administration
  • Introposter - System which is used for the pictures and group pictures during the intro week

Additionally, the Garmr manages the following software:

Tom Janssen
Niek Brekelmans
Thijs Lacquet