DisCo is the DJ committee of Thor. We organize small parties in Het Walhalla and DJ at bigger parties e.g. Het Feest. For these parties in Het Walhalla we try to put our committee name or Thor in the name of the party e.g The Thor Merch Party. Which is a party where everyone wears Thor merch clothing, this was also the first event we organized in Het Walhalla. We are going to organize one party every quartile. We also have “social events” were we gonna chill and DJ. These internal events are also the place where we learn you to DJ, so you don’t need to have any DJ experience to join us.

Martijn Sips
Thom Copier
Saviël van Wijngaarden
Niels van Elten
Ruben de Voogd
Thor Abegg
Nick Verstegen
Jeroen Visser
Léniek Maas
Max Schraven
Andrei Ion
Thomas Illig
stefano bracciali
Niels Bijl