This committee which consists of 4 to 6 people, organizes a study trip to a country inside Europe. These tours last a few days to a week and are focused at getting acquainted with the business structures over there as well as getting in touch with other cultures. The committee plans the cultural tours and arranges the company visits. Another important part of the organization is fundraising. It is a major task of the committee to contact companies for sponsoring.

Current BuEx: SHAMROCK Study Trip - Ireland
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Previous BuExes:
EAGLE 2019  - Latvia & Estonia
Bat 2018 - Romania
SPOLU 2015 - Czech Republic
Au-Tech 2013 - Germany
Thunder 2013 - England

Kevin van Hastenberg
Jurgen Kok
Atalante Koolen
Noortje Hagelaars
Yvonne Vullers