10th Lustrum of Het Walhalla | "Van Kelder naar de Hemel" | overview

From the 25th of April to the 2nd of May we will celebrate the 10th Walhalla lustrum! This week is filled with an abundance of activities. From brewery visits to parties, during this week we will take you with us to show our love for our bar. We have been working in secret  with our theme: "Van Kelder naar de Hemel, de druppel valt niet ver van de tap." During this week it is also possible to buy unique merch, only available during the celebration week. Use this overview to navigate this week full of fun:

Thursday 25th of April

To kick off our lustrum week we start with the stunt. With this stunt, we will show why Het Walhalla is the most awesome bar on the TU/e campus, Eindhoven in the Netherlands! During this evening beer will be FREE as long as a certain requirement is constantly met, which will be revealed this evening.

Friday 26th of April

Oud-Tapperswedstrijden and reunion

Oud-Tappers, do you think your day is the best and are you willing to fight to prove this? 

During the WalLu Oud-Tapperswedstrijden, just before the lustrum weekend starts, you can fight for the fame of your day! We will test your knowledge and skills regarding our great bar. And of course, in between the games, there is enough time to socialize and enjoy some nice beverages. Furthermore, we invited every Tapper that has been born since the founding of Het Walhalla up until now

Monday 29th of April


If you’ve ever wondered who is actually best at drafting, not just out of Het Tappersgilde, but of all the bars on the TU/e Campus, Monday, April 29th is the time to find out! Because we will be organizing an official drafting competition. Of course, we can’t let all this drafted beer go to waste so we invite you to come have a beer with us and see who excels in the art of drafting!

Tuesday 30th of April

Bring anything but a cup

Ever wondered what we would do if the glass had never been invented? Would we drink out of plastic bags, salad bowls, or even watering cans? To test which containers would work or might even be better than beer glasses or cups, bring your waterproof container that is NOT A CUP OR GLASS and get your first fill for free (0.5 liters). Bring the most creative container and win a prize!

Wednesday 1st of May

Brewery visit

Do you know this feeling? you're sitting in Het Walhalla while sipping your beer and suddenly you start thinking, how is this beer made? Well, we have the solution, join us on our brewery visit to learn how your most loved beer is made! and maybe we also have the chance to have a little taste!

Thursday 2nd of May

Closing party

Thursday the 2nd of May is when it will finally happen. The culmination of 50 years of Het Walhalla. The ultimate party to end all parties! And to celebrate properly we of course need you, our beloved customer! For this very special occasion, Het Walhalla will be open from 16:30 until 22:00 instead of the usual 19:00. We will be hosting a band and there will also be a food stall outside of Flux. Finally, we will have, as is the tried and true tradition of Het Walhalla, free kegs! So mark the date in your calendar and we will see you May 2nd at 16:30!

Het Walhalla
Thursday 25-04-2024 - Thursday 02-05-2024
16:30 - 22:00