Tappersopdracht Norine: "Let It Go, The Stress Never Bothered Me Anyways"

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little place called Stresstown. Life in Stresstown was pretty amazing, but there was never any downtime or rest because their IceQueen Elsa had infected everyone with her stress disease. People burned out every day, and after a few years, the last man that still functioned because he had not yet burned out, rushed to the palace in a panic. If IceQueen Elsa did not Let Go now, entire Stresstown would literally stress out. But IceQueen Elsa has never learned to Let Go, how will she save her town??? 
Please assist IceQueen Elsa on Tuesday, November 22, from 16.30-19.00 in Het Walhalla and perhaps a miracle will occur, allowing IceQueen Elsa to let go of the stress since it never bothered her anyways.

Het Walhalla
Tuesday 22-11-2022
16:30 - 19:00