Tappersopdracht Max: '' De Klonkieluider van de Notre-Dame''

You all know that Quasimodo is a bit ugly however he has had a lucky break recently.
He has gotten the opportunity to save his beloved Esmeralda from the claws of Claude Frollo, who is going to try and kill his beloved.
However since Quasimodo is so ugly and stupid, he has requested the help of his only friends, the three Gargoyles inside of the Notre-Dame!

The Gargoyles have thought hard about how to defeat Claude Frollo and could only think of one logical answer: A Klonkie!
However Quasimodo cannot do this on his own.
He will need the help of the people to revolt against this Klonkie-hating maniac!

So please come and assist Quasimodo and his three Gargoyles in Het Walhalla on the 4th of April from 16:30-19:00. And maybe Quasimodo will succeed in defeating Claude Frollo!!

Het Walhalla
Tuesday 04-04-2023
16:30 - 19:00