Tappersopdracht Mathieu: "Napoleon BornToPartayy"

Napoleon BornToPartayy is most known for his impressive military tactics, under-average penis size, and conquering many lands. But not many people know that Napoleon BornToPartayy conquered the dance floor with just as much ease. 
Unfortunately, the DJ had it out for him, he knew that Napoleon could not dance to the song Waterloo. But after nearly 2 centuries, Napoleon BornToPartayy has returned to once again show that he is able to conquer the dance floor and to spite the old dead DJ he will do an amazing performance of Waterloo by ABBA. To make sure that his army is prepared to conquer the dance floor and stratum, he will serve Croque Mathieu's, and make sure that the Guillotine is ready for action!!
But Napoleon BornToPartayy can’t do this alone. He needs his soldiers to help him recover from the worst defeat in his entire career so come join in Het Walhalla on May 3rd from 16:30 to 19:00!

Het Walhalla
Wednesday 03-05-2023
16:30 - 19:00