Tappersopdracht Finn: "New Kids Rainbow"

As everyone knows there are more and more peoply every day who feel excluded or shamed by todays society, THIS HAS TO STOP. Instead of dividing our beautiful campus we should unite and stand up together against the real villain in this world: shaming people. To combat the shaming and show some Brabantse inclusivity there is going to be a New Kids Rainbow party. Of course I cannot do this alone, I need YOUR help. Come to Het Walhalla on the 20th of March from 16.30 to 19.00 where we will have a no shaming policy (slayyyyy) and a safe environment for everyone. To help everyone feel safe we will be providing pronoun badges so everyone can see your pronouns and there will be drag queens providing entertainment.

Vanaf nu Schaam ik nergens meer mee Slayyyyyy.

Het Walhalla
Wednesday 20-03-2024
16:30 - 19:00