Open Transport Tycoon Competition

Do you want to remember the old days when you were a glorious railway empire owner? Or are you new to the game and want to explore what it is like to be Prorail. In this competition we will play OpenTTD with the Simple City Builder mod where each player gets assigned a city and has to work their best to make their city grow the fastest compared to the other players. This means building beautiful railways systems and hardcore bus networks.

Or do you fear the responsibilities of a full transport network in your hands. Are you scared that a leaf may disturb your plans or that the other players will outplay you. Then join the game and we will guide you through the process and guide you how to build a beautiful infrastructure even if you don't yet know how to play.

Did i mention that the game is free! And you can download it on steam or other platforms so no obstacle for you to play! You only have to download the client the mod will be automatically installed and configured on joining the server.

You can also subscribe by sending an email to

Wednesday 12-05-2021
20:00 - 22:00