Making your own radio program workshop

“Breaking news: the all-new penguin at the zoo just had a baby, the zookeeper has called it Patrick the penguin.” You may or may not have heard this on the radio before. You were also interested to hear more. Later you probably thought to yourself: “But why was I interested into this? I don’t even like penguins!” (Sidenote if you actually do like penguins, you probably did not have this particular thought.) Well since I can read your mind, I also already know your question. Yes, we can teach you how to captivate your audience. (Unless you already stopped reading, but that is besides the point.) By joining this workshop also you can learn how to make radio!

This workshow will be given by a professional, John van Vroenhoven, who is a radio DJ at studio 040 in EIndhoven and also at omroep Brabant.

We will gather in fromt of flux at 13:30, after that we will cycle to the location.

Subscriptions will open Monday 17 October at 13:00.

Studio 040
Thursday 24-11-2022
13:30 - 16:30