Kasteel Rouge Party

We know everyone loves Kasteel Rouge and that's the reason we will have a party only dedicated to this beer. This Thursday you'll get the chance to experience the full Kasteel Rouge experience with some epic sunglasses, bucket hats, lip balm, and keychains. Obviously, the biggest bottle of Kasteel rouge that you have ever seen will also be present. In fact, we had to put it on the roof terrace because it doesn't fit inside. For those who don't know Kasteel Rouge yet, here is a description of the flavor:
You discover alcohol, cherries, other types of fruit as well as touches of chocolate and pepper.
All of these make for a fresh and zesty experience which, the brewer assures us, makes you want to drink more.
The more you taste this beer, the more you get past the sweetness and the higher your appreciation for its unique and complex character.


Het Walhalla
Thursday 16-05-2024
16:30 - 18:00