DIY Antenna workshop

Ever wondered how easy it can be to build your own antenna? Join our workshop and use these skills to gain an edge over the other teams during the upcoming Foxhunt!

You will get a short introduction on how antennas work and how to build them using items most people already own. We will provide some materials for you, but you are encouraged to apply your EE knowledge and come up with some of your own ideas!

Thursday 13-06-2024
13:30 - 16:30



  1. Britt Vermeulen
  2. Mike van der Kuijl
  3. Shivansh Tyagi
  4. Quan Yuan
  5. Kristiyan Barnaba
  6. Mihai-Andrei DumitraČ™
  7. Xing Han
  8. Boes Kengen
  9. Duarte Silva
  10. Yaonan Hu
  11. Georgios Kikas
  12. Loek Vlooswijk
  1. Dirk Buijvoets
  2. Arda Bozdogan
  3. Sarp Dulundu
  4. Onur Tanriverdi
  5. Metehan Yusuf Dulundu
  6. Pavlos Paraschoudis
  7. Muhammad Umer
  8. Matheus
  9. Thomas Slewe
  10. Bart van de Luijtgaarde
  11. Sven van Alphen
  12. Martijn Oude Ophuis