Discussion moment 3 HR-en-statutencommissie

The HR-en-statutencommissie is working hard on new regulations for our beautiful association and are making big steps towards a final product. Before we can discuss our documents with all our members during a GMM we want to get a last round of highly valuable feedback from you!

We plan to have 3 sessions for feedback. This is the third discussion moment about "Huishoudelijk reglement Disputen". Both files will be places on the stukkenforum as soon as they are available as to make discussion beforehand easier.

During the session the idea is to walk through all the pages and answer questions you have or comment on your comments. Please note that this means you have to prepare this session beforehand as you do not have time to read the entire document during the session. Your feedback is highly appreciated and we hope to see you there.

Please note that the document are written in Dutch as this is required by law, we do not have an English version available to discuss. 

MS Teams
Tuesday 08-02-2022
12:40 - 14:00