Denryu interest meeting

Update 2021-12-19: due to the new COVID measures, this interest meeting will only be held online now!

The subscriptions for the Denryu study tour to Japan are almost opening!

On Wednesday the 22nd of December, the info meeting for the study tour will take place. During this meeting you will get information about what we are going to do during the four-week journey, what it will cost (not so much considering you will spend four weeks at over 775000 London double-decker busses away from Eindhoven), how to participate, and some general information. After this meeting, the subscriptions will open and you can sign up there for the study tour if you are interested.

Bear in mind that you can only join the study tour if you are at least a second-year student and you have to have obtained your BSA!

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MS Teams
Wednesday 22-12-2021
12:40 - 13:20