TU/e - Teaching Assistants Electromagnetic Compatibility (5SVB0)

We are looking for teaching assistants (TA) who would like to contribute to the improvement of the EMC course. The ideal candidate is a Master student, who is an electromagnetics enthusiast, has passed the EMC course already and wants to contribute to its improvement. 

The main tasks involve:

-        Improving the lab assignments. For instance: improve the practical setups, improve the questionnaire, improve the grading process, etc.
-        Finish the solution manual. The proposed exercises for each unit of the course still lack a solution manual. Some former TAs started with this task, but there are still several units missing.
-        Improve the quality and quantity of the in-class demonstrations and experiments. If time allows, work on new demos.

So, if you would like to contribute to the ever-increasing quality of education at our faculty, please send contact information and/or questions to: 

Ramiro Serra, r.serra@tue.nl