TU/e - Teacher Assistant for New ECO CBL Course

Teacher Assistant for New ECO CBL Course 
Are you interested in innovative education and teaching? Would you like to be involved in the design of a NEW Challenge Board Learning (CBL)? 
Within the ECO group we are designing a new 1st year CBL course to run in parallel with Rock Your Baby, and we are seeking Teaching Assistant’s (TA’s) to develop and implement both hardware and software for this new optical communications orientated CBL course. This will involve the design and demonstration of the CBL test apparatus and interfacing with relevant software. In the initial phase we are looking for a TA’s to help implement the challenge environment for this CBL, this will involve purchasing hardware and demonstrating an initial environment which will form the basis of the CBL. We welcome input on the CBL design and the challenge scenario from existing EE students. 
Start Date: Summer 2023 
Number of Hours: Student Defined to fit schedule (can be intense during the summer break and scaled back to 1-2 days a week depending on availability from September 2023) 
If you interested please contact: Tom Bradley (t.d.bradley@tue.nl) Qubit: 1.020