TU/e - Student assistant vacancy Engineering Design 4WBB0

 We are looking for tutors for the Bachelor College course Engineering Design that will be given in quartile 1 Slot C of the academic year 2023-2024. In the Engineering design course, second year students will work in teams of 5-6 on a design assignment. As a tutor, you will supervise 4 of these groups during their group meetings (45 minutes, twice a week, on campus). In preparation for each group meeting you are asked to assess their self-study assignments and provide feedback. Your help is also required during two assessment events. Finally, you will assist in the evaluation of the final reports. All this requires tutor skills, insight in the engineering design assignment, and a good preparation for the project coaching. To prepare for the role of tutor, you will attend the tutor training that will take place on August 31st and September 1 st , 2023. Requirements: - Bachelor students with ≥ 120 credits or Master students - English proficiency Availability: - Every Tuesday morning and every Friday afternoon (timeslot C) in quartile 1 of the academic- year 2023-2024 - Thursday August 31st and Friday September 1 st Hours in total: 110 Number of positions: 72 (after job interviews in June/July) For more information about the course: Osiris (4WBB0, 2023) or: 4WBB0@tue.nl Application deadline: June 9 th, 2023 Please apply by completing this form: https://forms.office.com/e/3p3qvM6fkJ