Dear students, Please keep in mind that at the start of next academic year (2018-2019), the new 10 hour timetable will be used by the TU/e. Here are some of the major changes in the timetable: Moving the end time forward: The start time remains unchanged (08:45). The lunch break...

Upcoming events

Mon 20 Aug (All day)

For many students, the Intro Week is the best week of the year, if not of their whole study period. It’s the time for new students to get to know all the secrets that Eindhoven has in stock for them. They get in touch with the active study-, student- and sport associations and learn how life works in the City of Light. Beside that, it's also a great week for older students, who get the chance to teach the new generation how the daily affairs here are arranged.

Mon 27 Aug, 16:30

De prominentste pannenkoek van het P.S.C. – Gladgeschoren, haar strak achterover en natuurlijk in jasje dasje. Dit zijn de ingrediënten van een prominente pannenkoek. Nu je weet wat de ingrediënten zijn van de pannenkoek rest er nog één ding: Waar is de prominente pannenkoek te vinden? Dat is niet zo moeilijk hij is nu natuurlijk op de soos!

Thu 30 Aug (All day)

On Thursday the 30th of August, the book sale for the new firstyear students takes place!

Thu 30 Aug, 16:30

After getting your notebooks and your books there is just one thing left to get, a nice drink! Where else to go than Het Walhalla to get a drink with your new study friends? So put your new notebook and books in one of the lockers on the sixth floor and join the notebookdrink (also known as laptophaalborrel) in Het Walhalla. An amazing opportunity to catch up with your friends from the introduction week or to get to know other new students while enjoying a drink.

Tue 4 Sep, 12:30

Do you know what is absolutely super cool? The ACCI! Next year there will be a totally new ACCI and you can be part of it! Probably you have seen some of the activities of this year, such as the Bingo, Weekend, Archery tag and much more. Are you excited to organize activities like these in the coming year? This is your chance! During the information-lunch you can get some extra information and join the first brainstorm for the activities for the first quartile.

Fri 14 Sep (All day)

Het weekend van 14, 15 en 16 september organiseert Thor voor alle aankomende eerstejaars het Thor Eerstejaarsweekend (ook wel ThEW)! Dit weekend is de uitgelezen kans om de rest van je jaarlaag en Thor beter te leren kennen. Inschrijven voor dit weekend kan tijdens de introductieweek. Als je vragen hebt kun je deze stellen aan het Bestuur van Thor via of 040-247 3223.