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Upcoming events

Thu 25 Apr, 14:00

Ellips is a High Tech fruit and vegetable sorting company. Ellips is a leader in the development of sorting and grading technology, using state of the art image processing software they have developed themselves. During this excursion we will get a glimpse at how this software works and what it is like to work at Ellips.

We are going to visit Ellips on the 25th of April, the program will be as follows:

Fri 26 Apr, 12:03

Heb jij ook geen zin in duur bier en weinig dixies bij evenementen als Supersized Kingsday of heb je gewoon zin om met vrienden/studiegenoten onder het genot van een pilsje mee te doen aan verschillende activiteiten? Schrijf je dan in voor het ACCI Koningsweekend! Doe mee en laat zien dat jij de grootste pilsbaas en activiteitenkoning bent van iedereen.

Mon 29 Apr (All day)

Our final event, the Interviewing Days, is a place to further explore a company and/or potential employer. Here you get the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with employees, have lunches in a small and formal setting or put your personal qualities to work in a company case. So when you have an idea of where you are heading after the Career Expo make sure to join this event as well!

Mon 29 Apr, 17:00

100 minutes, 100 shots of beer! Can you handle it? Come prove it on the 29th of April

Wed 1 May, 12:40

Always wanted to know what recruiters pay attention to when looking for new talent, how to apply for a job you found, or just want an excuse to update your Linked-in? Subscribe for this workshop.


Come to this workshop get tips and tops of your Linked-in and CV to kick off your carreer.


Wed 1 May, 19:00

Volundr finally finished their newest project: project BliXemschicht! Wednesday March 27th Volundr will present their work in an activity you can participate in! You and your friends can compete against each other in a competition of agility, wits and marksmanship. The activity is free, as the materials will be supplied by Volundr. This is your chance to show your skill!