If you have ever read a yearbook, you know we have beautiful photo pages for each month, with all the activities that happened. Sadly, since March we have had barely any activities were pictures were taken because of the Corona virus. More and more photo pages are threatened to be...
At the moment, we are looking into how we can best get back up on our feet when everything is normal again and for that, we can use your help! Please go to this form to see the details and give your input!

Upcoming events

Mon 18 May (All day)

Do you want to have something to do in your free time that is not planned at a specific moment? Then puzzles are a great thing to do!

Have fun with 22 puzzles, ranging from riddles to sudoku and from logic puzzles to a linguistic challenge and ranging from easy to real challenges.


You can find the puzzle booklets - in both English and Dutch - here.


Wed 27 May, 16:00

Are you interested in what the Board has been up to this week, do you want to ask us all about the latest developments on the TU during the Coronavirus outbreak or just want to ask us what we had for breakfast then come to this weekly Q&A on Discord where you can ask us everything you want! See you there!

Thu 28 May, 12:40

Automation systems to control The Netherlands

Thu 28 May, 19:30

It's Tetris time! On the last TesLAN it was all about retro Tetris, but this time we're going for the modern variant! Load up those t-spins and eliminate your opponents. Join the battle royale competition and show that you're the best tetris player!

Wed 3 Jun, 12:00

Being enrolled as a student at the department of Electrical Engineering doesn't mean that studying is all you should do. You'll gain an immense amount of technical knowledge through your courses, but there are many more (personal or interpersonal) skills that your courses or even Wervingsdagen will not teach you.

Fri 5 Jun, 20:00

Do you also miss the movie nights with your friends? The chance to laugh together at a funny scene or discuss the lacking plot? Luckily we have got you covered! On this evening you can enjoy a movie with your friends from the comfort and safety of your own home. It even gives you the chance to mute the one friend that talks through every scene.