Upcoming events

Tue 25 Sep, 17:00

This year the ACCI will once again host the ACCI Pubquiz! Do you think you know everything about everything and want to test your knowledge? Come join us in Het Walhalla! You can enroll below or in Het Walhalla at the activity itself with at most 4 people per team for only €2,- per person. We hope to see you there!

Wed 26 Sep, 12:40

Sioux is an innovative technology partner that supports leading high tech companies in the development and manufacturing of their products. This lunch lecture will discuss the electron microscope of Phenom. If you are interested in this topic while eating pizza, sign yourself up for this lunch lecture!

Pizza and drinks will be provided for the attendees.

Sign up (preferably) on the website (thor.edu/agenda

Wed 26 Sep, 13:30

Are you new in Eindhoven? Or are you still confused on how all things work? We have the solution for you! This crash course "How to Eindhoven" will teach you all the things you need! We will go over the basic routes you will need to know as a Thor member in Eindhoven, the basic sayings and traditions of Brabant and specifically Eindhoven. We hope to see you there and teach you some things you did not yet know about this beautifull city so you can enjoy your time here even more!

Wed 26 Sep, 16:30

Do you like gaming? Do you like to completely destroy your opponents on CS:GO or LoL? Or would you rather reach the top rankings in Trackmania or Agar.io? If you want to play all these fantastic games, win prices, and more you'll have to wait until the next TesLAN in the Christmas break (keep an eye on https://teslan.thor.edu). 

Thu 27 Sep, 16:30

The kandi's have recently shown some of their skills during the ThEW and seem to be almost ready to take over the tasks of the current Board. However, they're not quite there yet. They'll get one final challenge so they can prove that they really want to become the new Board. This time they'll have to try to reach the "Bestuurstafel" and, once there, share their ideas for the upcoming year. This will not be an easy task.

Thu 27 Sep, 16:30

Beste burgers, werkelozen, studenten,
Beste plebs, net-afgestudeerden, moeilijk-lerenden,