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When you need anything during your study, Thor is there to help you! We provide discounts on study material, exam trainings for hard courses and much more!


Do you want to know how your life will look as an Electrical Engineer? We provide you with a lot of insights by organising lunch lectures and company visits!


Of course studying is not only working hard, it is also a lot of fun. We organise lots of activities such as weekend trips and barbecues. You can also join us in our bar "Het Walhalla" every day.

Lustrum radio


Lustrum activity overview

This year the Lustrum is returning with not four, but five weeks of amazing activities. Since these weeks are packed with numerous things to do, we made this overview to help you keep track of your favorites.

Different places
Monday 21-11-2022 - Saturday 24-12-2022
00:00 - 00:00

Crazy 65

Do you think you can perform the craziest things during activities or just in general? Join the Crazy 65 during our 13th Lustrum!

Crazy 65 is an exciting race against the clock and against each other. There are no less than 65 assignments to score points with. Solving quests with creativity is rewarded with bonus points.

Sign up in groups of 4-6 persons for the Crazy 65 and you will receive your 65 assignments at the beginning of our Lustrum (the activity will start on November 21st).

Monday 21-11-2022 - Friday 23-12-2022
12:30 - 23:59

Hide and Seek

Do you miss playing hide and seek with friends while you were little? Do you think that you could be the most unfindable person on campus but are you saddened by the fact that hide and seek is considered a kids game? Well then be sad no more! Because during this activity you do not need to be a child to enjoy a nice game of hide and seek! So come and (not) show us your hiding and seeking skills!

Subscriptions will open Monday 17 October at 13:00.

Gather in front of Flux
Monday 05-12-2022
13:30 - 15:00


Have you always felt like a true roman soldier? Or do you just enjoy drinking some beers in the Walhalla, come join the LuCo CenThorion! We will supply the cheap beer and shot glasses, you just have to provide good spirits and singing skills!

The price for this activity might still change due to price changes

Het Walhalla
Monday 05-12-2022
16:30 - 19:00

Dance Workshop

Do you want to join the Lustrum gala but don’t want to make a fool out if yourself on the dancefloor? We have just the solution for you! The Dance Workshop will teach you a simple dance which you can show of at the Lustrum Gala. The workshop will be given by Thor members who are also members of the dancing association Footloose and will take place after Het Walhalla. So put on your dancing shoes, bring your date and (finally) learn to dance! 

Subscriptions will open Monday 17 October at 13:00.

Auditorium Blauwe Zaal
Tuesday 06-12-2022
20:00 - 22:00

Excursion Denso

Denso Automotive is a leading company in the Automotive branch. On December 7th, we will go by a bus to Denso Aachen Engineering Center located in Wegberg, Germany. This facility offers a variety of facilities to innovate, develop and test components used in the Automotive industry. These components range from powertrain components (think of diesel injectors, variable cam trimming or oxygen sensors) to electrification components like alternators, starter motors, inverters or power steering units.

During this trip, we will explore the Aachen Engineering Center and see how everything works there. Below you can read a little of its history.

In 2005, the Aachen Engineering Center (AEC) was opened in Wegberg, which is responsible for powertrain development, in particular diesel injection and exhaust aftertreatment. Since 2010, work has been carried out in Aachen on the development of hardware and software for electronic control units and components for electric and hybrid vehicles. The AEC was built with a clear objective and accordingly offers a wide range of facilities, such as transient engine test benches, chassis dynamometers for emission studies, test benches for examining common rail pumps and injectors as well as an extensive workshop area.

Subscriptions will close on Tuesday 29 November at 12:00.

Gather in front of Flux
Wednesday 07-12-2022
09:00 - 16:30

Member day

Wednesday 30-11-2022

Party with sister associations - Glow in the dark

Friday 25-11-2022

Making your own radio program workshop

Thursday 24-11-2022