We are e.t.s.v. Thor


When you need anything during your study, Thor is there to help you! We provide discounts on study material, exam trainings for hard courses and much more!


Do you want to know how your life will look as an Electrical Engineer? We provide you with a lot of insights by organising lunch lectures and company visits!


Of course studying is not only working hard, it is also a lot of fun. We organise lots of activities such as weekend trips and barbecues. You can also join us in our bar "Het Walhalla" every day.


Live performance of Watt?

We are Watt? the unofficial Thor-band (not to be confused with the amazing Lustrumband)! And for the first time ever we will be performing in The Walhalla!! So if you enjoy live music, be sure to come enjoy/dance/sing along! 

Quality of performance cannot be guaranteed

Het Walhalla
Friday 15-12-2023
16:30 - 19:00

Techno Bunker

Get ready to immerse in the pulse of techno! Join us for an electrifying afternoon at Het Walhalla. Expect thumping beats, an unforgettable vibe, and a journey into the heart of electronic music. Whether you're a techno enthusiast or just looking for a unique experience, this is your calling!

Het Walhalla
Wednesday 20-12-2023
16:30 - 19:00

3D design workshop

Awesome 3D design workshop for ultimate DIY projects!

Colloquium 6
Thursday 21-12-2023
09:00 - 12:00

TesLAN 7th Edition

Join us for the 7th Edition of TesLAN! - A non-stop, 48-hour LAN Party filled with both casual and competitive gaming, prizes, and unlimited Bitterballen!

SSC, TU/e Campus
Friday 05-01-2024 - Sunday 07-01-2024
12:00 - 16:00

ODIN New-Year member lunch

Celebrate the new year with us! Reminisce with your fellow ODIN members about your favourite Connected World experience in the last year, while enjoying a nice sandwich that you can create yourself. Non-members are also allowed to join. However, ODIN members will enjoy a discount on the lunch. The lunch will be held in the break at the Master Association Hub on floor 6. Subscriptions for the lunch will open later, and will communicate a price as well. 

Keep an eye on our website ma-odin.nl

MA Hub
Tuesday 09-01-2024
12:30 - 13:30

Wiki Translating Evening

Are you amazing at Dutch? Do you want to be remembered forever by translating a Thor Wiki page? Then you should join the Wiki translating evening. Lets break down barriers, one word at a time!

Colloquium 7
Wednesday 10-01-2024
18:00 - 21:00

Constitution Drink

Tuesday 05-12-2023

Dies Party

Thursday 30-11-2023

Committee Market

Friday 24-11-2023