Video transcoding

At Kempenhaeghe we make video observations of patients and analyze these video files in a system (iMAS) that is specifically set-up for this. The system allows to select relevant parts of a long (max 12 hrs) video file and store them to be viewed directly from within our hospital information system.

For recordings at other facilities or at patients homes we have an ambulatory system that works slightly different. The video files with this ambulatory system are stored on a hard drive in epochs of 30min each. Moreover, we have sensors generating an event that is stored in an .csv file.

We are looking for a student who can combine the 30min .mp4 files into a single (max 12hrs) .mp4 file (including the audio track) with the use of ffmpeg. Furthermore, the .csv file needs to be interpreted and converted to an .XML file.

The entire setup needs to be automated in such a way that the files that are dropped at a file share are automatically converted and the converted .mp4 file and .xml file needs to be stored into a different folder on the file share. Our iMAS system will import the .mp4 file and the process of analyses etc is continued as for our in house recordings.

The program that handle this should ideally run as a service on a server or PC under windows. We have sample data available.

We assume that the project will take about 30-40hrs of work and we would like the work to be done asap but before end of April.

Pleas contact dr. ing. J.P. van Dijk, head departement Clinical Physics, Kempenhaeghe at

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