AME | System Engineer

This vacancy concerns the job of “System Engineer”. You will be working in a team with a diverse technical background. Your main responsibility within this team is to develop electronics, from an abstract functional specification to the qualification of the physical PCB. Next to this it is important to ensure that your design works correctly in its final implementation and that it is manufacturable. Therefore, good communication with mechanical, software and industrial engineers is crucial.
A job as part-time “System Engineer will be a stepping stone towards a successful graduation or fulltime position at AME.

Vacancy overview
TypeSide job
Work locationEsp 100, Esp 119/121


  • Ability to deal with abstract matter
  • Fluent in English (writing and verbally)
  • Good communicative skills
  • Good social skills
  • Independent worker
  • Systematic and structured approach
  • Quick learner
  • Hands-on practical experience with electronics is preferred.
  • Educational level, BSc Electrical Engineering.
    • Study 0 - 5 years.

Experience story

Hi All,
My name is Quirijn van der Mark. I am 20 years old and am currently in my third year pursuing a bachelor’s of technology in Electrical Engineering. I have been working at AME since December 2016 as a part-time system engineer in the RD&D department and I would like to share a bit about working at AME with you.
The work I do at AME is really diverse and consists of a healthy mix of working in the office and working in the lab. Work in the office involves, but is not limited to, work such as doing research, writing documentation for the product, designing circuits, thinking up test plans to validate circuits and processing test results. With lab work you can think of building prototypes, validating PCB’s, validating the product, doing (durability) tests and solving possible problems in circuits.
This might seem as much to learn, but there are a lot of friendly colleagues who are happy to help you with any questions you have. Furthermore if you are willing to learn and develop yourself there is enough room given to you to do so.
I for example started out mainly helping out the other electrical engineer in the project. However as time passed by I got more and more room to do things by myself or in cooperation with project members. As such I wrote test plans to qualify electronics and did so using said test plans. I did a full EMC qualification including conducted emission, radiated emission, radiated immunity, EFT and ESD tests. Built a proof of concept, a prototype and a test setup for which I had to design and assemble the electronics myself.
In conclusion I really enjoy working at AME, since I get to put the things learned at university into practice, designing electronics for real products while working in close relation with fellow electrical engineers, software engineers and mechanical engineers. Furthermore the work is really diverse and I get to develop myself in many ways and learn a lot about different subjects, many of which are also useful for my studies.
A part-time job of 16 hours a week might seem demanding next to your studies. However, if you like to work with electronics and are willing put the effort in both your studies and work it is really feasible. Moreover, AME believes that your studies are the top priority, meaning that they are quite flexible regarding the working hours.
If you have any question left, please do not hesitate to contact me at or to approach me if you see me in the lectures or in the Walhalla.

Application procedure

In order to apply for a job at AME follow this link: The solicitation process at AME consists of three interviews. During the first interview your Curriculum Vitae and personal ambitions will be discussed. If this is to AME’s liking you are invited to a second interview. This interview is used to gain an insight into your technological skills. This is achieved by giving the participant a case to solve. During the third interview practical aspects of the job are discussed, e.g. company regulations, working hours, salary, and any other questions the participant might have will be answered.

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