TU/e - TA Intro Telecommunications 5ETA0

Job Summary:
The Course Introduction to Telecommunications (5ETA0) has been updated in recent years to include lab assignments to cover some of the topics discussed in the course (you have most likely have already experienced these labs as a student). As of last year and due to Covid restrictions we have virtualized these labs. While working on the virtual labs students encounter often issues with the execution of the assignments which require interventions by the course TAs. The TAs hired for this vacancy (two are required) will make themselves familiar with the 3 course lab assignments and support students during weeks 3/5 and 7 of the quarter in successfully completing the labs (which are a compulsory element in the course).
Job Tasks:
The selected SA will be required to be available (most likely via Discord) to answer student questions on weeks 3,5 and 7 of the quarter. For the lab in week 7 there is also the need to maintain the physical lab set-up which will be made accessible to students to run the experiment/lab assignment. The total effort is hence not equally spread over the two months but is concentrated on these weeks. It is estimated that on the weeks when the labs are scheduled that effort will be significant (10-15 hours) while in other weeks the effort will be minimal.
the required skills include:
  1. Successful completion of the 5ETA0 course (preferably also experiencing the virtual labs in 2020/2021)
  2. Knowledge of web-based virtual environment
  3. Good communication skills.
The students will be hired for two months with 20 hours per month compensation
Oded Raz o.raz@tue.nl