What do you want to learn about Eindhoven this wednesday?

Everything, I don't understand it at all
6% (4 votes)
How to eat worstenbroodjes like a champion
8% (6 votes)
What is a worstenbroodje?
4% (3 votes)
Whether everyone really has the same mom in Eindhoven
8% (6 votes)
Why everyone keeps being "aangefietst"
33% (24 votes)
Whether it's "het krat" or "de krat"
8% (6 votes)
What Thor does on a night out (I can't seem to remember)
13% (9 votes)
Where to go for food, the patatkraam or the frietkraam
4% (3 votes)
Nothing, I'm just going for fun
7% (5 votes)
Where to find new friends
8% (6 votes)
Total votes: 72

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