TU/e Pathways

Dear student,

In the upcoming semester we are working on a new support system, Pathways, to better support you in your professional development. Professional skills, such as presenting and communication techniques, will be helpful throughout your studies, but moreover, to find and prepare yourself for a future job that you will actually like. 

To make sure this system suits your preferences, as TU/e student, we need your help! During the upcoming semester we will test the support system and it would be great if you want to participate in this pilot. The pilot will take place throughout the semester and will be about the extra-curricular activities you participate in. How active you participate in this pilot is entirely up to you, the one thing that is certain is that you can influence how the final support system that will be used at the TU/e will look like.

Do you want to contribute to the development of this new support system? Send an email:  Yes, I want to make my opinion count! 

Kind regards,

The TU/e Pathways Team

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