Message from ESA:

The NSE (Nationale Studenten Enquête) is an annual nationwide survey in which more than 250,000 students give their opinion about their higher education course program. TU/e will be participating this year as well, and every student will receive an invitation via email at February 2nd.

The results of the NSE will provide (prospective) students with valuable insights into other students’ assessments of their programs via the Studiekeuze123.nl website. Furthermore, we, as a university and study program, use the results to improve the quality of our education. So, please be sure to participate and share your opinion on your study program!

The NSE is an important quality assurance instrument within the TU/e and the answers are taken seriously. For example, it has been decided not to close LaPlace but to renovate it into an educational building with workplaces for groups and 650 study places in different silence zones. Furthermore, ESA has started a project that must ensure that exam results are published faster.

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