New Timetable 2018-2019

Dear students,

Please keep in mind that at the start of next academic year (2018-2019), the new 10 hour timetable will be used by the TU/e. Here are some of the major changes in the timetable:

  • Moving the end time forward:
    • The start time remains unchanged (08:45).
    • The lunch break is reduced to an hour (instead of 1 hour and 15 minutes).
    • The evening break between hours 8 and 9 is reduced to 15 minutes (instead of 45 minutes) this means that hour 10 ends at 19:15 instead of 20:00.
  • Switching of timeslots B3 and D3.

For more information about the new timetable, please see the image included.

Kind regards,

Bram Lustenhouwer

Commissioner of Education



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